Why solarZero

The renewable energy experts.

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Our approach

We are passionate about renewable energy and creating a new energy future for all Kiwis. And to do this, we knew we had to find an easier more affordable way for everyone to go solar. As New Zealand’s renewable energy experts, we’re here to guide and support you every step of the way.

Cheaper energy now and for the next 20 years

The essence of the solarZero energy service is our cost structures are underpinned by generating renewable electricity where it is being used. The sun is not charging us a generation fee, and we are not transmitting power around the country; therefore, our costs for up to 75% of our energy service are known and well understood.

For the remaining 25%, we negotiate a price-protected rate with our partner retailer annually. We then actively manage the solarZero battery to keep your costs as low as possible, delivering cheaper energy now and for the next 20 years.

Trusted experts for 35 years. Solar as a subscription service.

Just like you wouldn’t wire your own home or cut your own hair, why try to optimise your own energy savings? Getting the most from a solar panel and smart battery system takes a lot of work and technical skill - programming the smart battery to maximise savings from Time-of-Use pricing, accessing margin-free electricity and great buy-back rates, firmware upgrades, and solar energy utilisation. Sound complicated? It is. 

That’s why solarZero doesn’t sell solar systems; we provide a renewable energy subscription service. Think of it as a “hands-free” renewable energy platform, where we take care of all aspects of your energy production, consumption, and selling, and in return, you get the cost savings and peace of mind that comes with working with world-leading experts.

solarZero poised to revolutionize the energy industry

solarZero is in business to stop rising energy costs in New Zealand and climate change.

Saving more than dollars

When you join solarZero you are saving so much more than dollars—you’re playing your part in slowing down climate change. And we’re playing our part as well. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes at solarZero to ensure we’re doing the best we possibly can for now, and for the future.

New Zealand’s first
Toitū climate-positive certified solar company

We’re proud to say solarZero is the first and only solar company in New Zealand to be accredited with the Toitū climate positive certification. The Toitū certification is given to companies that adopt a proactive way of reducing their carbon emissions.

At solarZero, we're committed to more than just installing solar panels on roofs. We believe in best-practice sustainability within our organisation and industry-leading change. That's why we're on a mission to accelerate New Zealand's transition to 100% renewable and lower energy costs for Kiwis. Our goal aligns with New Zealand's target of 100% renewable electricity generation by 2035 and carbon neutrality by 2050.

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Making the right choice

Choosing a solar power provider can be confusing, but comparing environmental credentials can help. When evaluating a company's sustainability claims, consider factors like carbon emissions, offsets, and certifications from independent auditors.

And take time to understand the language. While solar panels generate renewable energy for your home, it won’t cover 100% of your energy needs so you will still be drawing some power from the main grid – which could mean it comes from coal-burning power stations. solarZero is partnered with Ecotricity, a company that purchases carbon credits to offset carbon from power generated at Huntly Power Station. So when you choose solarZero you are choosing an entirely carbon zero option.

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How does solarZero make money?

We make our income from the monthly subscription fees we earn from our solarZero customers. We also earn money from lines company for helping to keep the lights on in communities during peak demand and electrical “events”. However, the money we receive from Powerco we have predominately directed back to our customers by installing additional battery capacity.


Do you offer solarZero subscription services for commercial premises?

Currently, for selected sites only such as government buildings, aged care, schools and large warehouses, the agreement needs to be with the building owner and is for 20 years. Contact Daniel Pereira at 021 2268 035 he is the Territory Manager for the Coromandel, and he will connect you with the best person to support you within the commercial team. And will be your local support person throughout.