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Generate solar energy from your home with no hardware costs.

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Monthly Subscription
Primary benefit
Cleaner, cheaper, more reliable energy
No hardware cost
No finance payments ever
System ownership
Monthly payments
Monthly subscription -
Covering up to 75% of your energy costs
Approx 25% of your power bill from Ecotricity - at a special low rate
solarZero takes care of all hardware, repairs, replacement costs

Rate hike protection
20 year hardware, production, & savings guarantee

Full-service model including monitoring, power outage support, repairs and system upgrades

The process.

Understand how solar and solar as a subscription works.

We learn about you and your energy needs, and you learn all about solarZero.

See exactly what solarZero will mean for you and your household.

We give you all the numbers on solar generation, storage, expected energy & service costs, earnings, and estimated savings.

Connecting to cheaper, cleaner, smarter renewable energy.

Agreement signing, solar installation, and transferral of your grid power to Ecotricity.

solarZero monitors system performance and energy usage to maximise solar production, energy savings, and resilience.

We carry out all necessary repairs, replacements and firmware upgrades.

We are solar experts
so you don’t have to be. 

Getting the best results from solar and battery power takes a lot of effort. You’ll need to know how to programme the battery, track how much energy is used, update software, and replace parts. Additionally, you need to find a retailer that offers competitive prices and reasonable buy-back rates for solar customers. These tasks can be quite complex.

That’s why solarZero provides a total energy solution with solar power at its core. Think of us as your energy company, except the energy is primarily generated at your place, and we guarantee 100% of the power used in your home is Toitu climate positive certified (excludes Pulse Energy customers and those using bottled gas). It’s a different way of doing solar, which is guaranteed to take a load off your mind—and your electricity bill.

We have a great monthly subscription option, which fixes 75% of your energy costs and you purchase any additional grid power from our Toitū climate positive certified electricity retailer Ecotricity. 

NB: For any customers who wish to access reticulated gas, we do offer a retail plan with Pulse Energy; in this case, your grid power with not be Toitū climate positive certified.

solarZero energy
Monthly Renewable Energy Subscription from solarZero

Offset Rising Energy Costs with
no hardware or finance cost.

Solar power and battery storage don’t have to cost the earth. With the cost of traditional grid power and blackouts rising, you deserve greater control and confidence over your electricity. That’s why solarZero’s monthly energy subscription model offers predictable rates while providing clean, affordable, and resilient energy with no hardware or finance costs. It includes our industry-leading solarZero Guarantee for maximum peace of mind.

The Benefits of a Monthly Renewable Energy Subscription with solarZero

Locked in subscription fee

For up to 75% of your power costs, we fix the price you pay today and guarantee to hold that price for you for the next 20 years*. That’s 20 years of inflation-free power. The remaining 25% will be price-protected Toitū Climate Positive electricity from Ecotricity. Learn More

*except changes in GST

Expert renewable energy support

We’re here for you every step of the way. We take care of all aspects of solarZero installation, power changeover, activation, performance monitoring, repairs, product replacement and system optimisation.

Industry leading guarantees

Sit back and soak up the sun. Our monthly solar subscription includes 20-year product, labour, solar production, and savings guarantee. Our guarantees can not be matched.

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Can I really have solar installed on my home without buying the panels and the battery?

Yes, you can. Qualifying solarZero customers can secure guaranteed savings and backup power via a monthly renewable energy subscription service. There are no hardware or finance costs.


What does the subscription fee pay for?

Unlimited access to all solar power produced from the solar panels for the next 20 years; use of the solarZero smart battery*, including during blackouts, 24/7 system monitoring, and access to Time-Of-Use Power pricing, which enables us to use the battery to maximise your annual savings. We actively manage your battery during a large weather event to ensure you have the maximum available energy to use where you need it most.

*Powerco Customers in Whitianga, Paunui, Tairua, Mercury Bay, and Colville receive an additional battery funded by Powerco and installed in their homes to support “Contingent Response” in the area. Up to 10 days a year, Powerco will step in and get the solarZero customer to use battery power rather than grid power to reduce the overall load on the grid and to keep the lights on across the region.


How much can I expect to save when I go solar?

Our Solar Specialists will work with you to determine how much you can expect to save on your monthly energy bill. This relies on factors like the current energy retailer you get your power from, how much electricity you use, and how much sunlight your home gets during the day. We’ll only recommend solar if it’s the right fit for your home energy needs and lifestyle.


Is my home good for solar?

Figuring out if your home is good for solar relies on several factors, like where your house is located, the angle of your roof, roof shading, roof type and age/condition of the roof.

To understand if your home is suitable for solar, contact one of our Solar Advisors. They’ll run a personalised analysis of your home and work with a solar engineer to do an initial virtual assessment. If you progress to agreement signing, a solar installer will come to your home before installation day to refine plans if needed.


How many solar panels will my home need?

We will determine this during your consultation. This will be based on your home's location, orientation, roof pitch, roof size and household energy needs.


What happens if my system breaks or isn’t working as expected?

With a solarZero subscription, you’ll enjoy daily monitoring from our experienced Fleet Management Team. They oversee all solarZero systems, so if something happens or performance dips, they will either fix the problem remotely or arrange for our local expert team to fix the problem. Every case is different, but we generally reimburse you for any lost benefits during this period.


What happens if I decide to move?

We get it. Life is all about change. SolarZero makes it easy to transfer your solar/renewable energy subscription to new homeowners. Our Loyalty Team handle everything from educating real estate agents and potential buyers, home inspectors, and anyone else who might need to know about your solar subscription agreement to help make your move as smooth as possible.


Will the product be covered by warranty?

Your monthly subscription covers 24/7 monitoring and ongoing repairs and product replacements, including in the event of a fire, flood, earthquake or anything really. (except deliberate malice).


What happens after I have Signed the Agreement?

Once you’ve signed your solarZero energy services agreement, our installation team can confirm the design created by our solar sales engineers and discuss the installation process.

After that, we will make any necessary adjustments to your system design and get your final approval.

Once approved, your Project Coordinator will book your solarZero installation date and onboard you to our partner energy retailer. 

We will aim to install your system within four weeks post-agreement signing.

When your installation is complete, we will then book your meter change and inspection with a local meter hanging and inspection company. This takes 2-3 weeks to complete.  The inspector will turn on the solar system, and from this day, your home will have full access to the power generated and stored at your place. 

Our team will then monitor your system closely for 48 hours to ensure everything is working as it should be, and carry out our own remote testing. We will then email you to confirm the official start of your solarZero subscription service.