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solarZero delivers
cheaper, cleaner, more reliable energy.

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Renewable energy as a subscription.

At solarZero we take a load off your mind and your electricity bill with cheaper, cleaner and more reliable energy.  Subscribe to our comprehensive, no-fuss energy service to deliver 100% of your power needs from Toitū certified climate positive energy^.  You also benefit from backup electricity during outages and will never be charged with any hardware, repair or replacement costs.

^NB: If you use reticulated or bottled gas in the home, you may still qualify to become a solarZero customer. However, your grid & bottled energy will not be 100% renewable or  Toitū certified climate positive.

solarZero Benefits

Guaranteed savings

Guaranteed to save on your power bill from year one.

Zero Hardware costs

Unlike other solar options, there are no hardware, repair or replacement costs. That means no capital expenditure or finance payments to enjoy the benefits of solar and battery power at your place.

Cheaper power

We offer cheaper energy than your current provider for 100% of your energy needs.

Be your own source of power

From wild weather to demand, power outages are set to be a part of our future. solarZero gives you backup power when the grid goes down so you can stay powered up.

Unlimited technical support

Access to a team of solar engineers and technicians 24/7. Your subscription covers all costs associated with system optimisation, firmware and software upgrades.

Toitū climate positive certified

Protecting your pocket and the planet. solarZero is New Zealand’s only climate-positive solar company. By choosing solarZero, you make a net carbon-positive contribution to the future.

What Bennet says about the benefits of solarZero

Bennet chose solarZero to access cheaper power. He didn’t appreciate the battery benefits until the power went out, he then found the battery storage very comforting. Bennet also likes that it is solarZero’s responsibility to maintain and update the system.

Meet your Coromandel solarZero team